Below are some common questions we get asked – or please contact us if you have any others!

Your Safety, Our Safety

To ensure a safe and comfortable flight for everyone we require all passengers to undertake a safety brief with one of our ground crew.  We will discuss how passengers can keep themselves safe around and in the helicopter, as well as general operations.  Our ground crew are also happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the safety aspects of our R44 helicopter.  Ground crew will escort passengers to and from the helicopter so follow their direction.  Seatbelts and headsets are required for your flight and to enable you to communicate with the pilot and other passengers.  Ground crew will ensure you are buckled in correctly and the pilot will check your headset is working prior to take-off .  Life jackets are required for flights over water.

Every day prior to flying our helicopter, the pilot completes a full and thorough inspection of all the components.  Rockhampton Helicopters adheres to strict industry safety guidelines determined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Every 100 hours of flying our R44 is serviced and inspected by a CASA approved and authorised engineer.   Our R44 is fitted with emergency pop-out floats, mandatory when flying over water.  This level of service and inspection is what makes Rockhampton Helicopters safe and reliable.

So how safe is our helicopter? Well we wouldn’t fly in it if it wasn’t.

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